Saturday, 4 September 2010

north london, and further north

More visiting today, but again no photos. Sorry. Actually I *do* have a photo of Sash's mum's curry (it'll make sense in a sec), but I took it on Ana's iPhone, and I've forgotten to mail it to myself. I will though, don't worry. Like you are.

Anyhoo, we've got a bit of to-ing and fro-ing today. We do some quite dull chores (punctures, washing up, hoovering etc) before heading up to the divine Miss Sasha Breslau's in Stanmore for a house warming cum late birthday party. The draw isn't just seeing lovely, lovely people from C4, nor just to see Sash and Matt's bijou flat, but to try Sash's mum's curry and dhal. Okay, it was entirely the curry.

The dhal was definitely not what I expected, turning out as a soup starter rather than a gloopy side, but it was really, garlicky and hearty. In fact perfect for this autumnal weather. Also excellent for driving out the chills is the chicken curry.

Sasha's mum is West Indian, so it was fruitier than I thought it would be and actually it tasted a bit retro if that makes sense? It was certainly punchier, with really strong spices than you'd get in a restaurant. Oh it was good.

From curry (and Haribo if you're Milo) in North London, we head further into the grim north to St Albans for an evening recreating our Brittany glory evenings with Greg and Spandy. Sadly I wasn't able to demonstrate my mastery of Trivial Pursuit, but we did lay waste to a very huge late dinner platter of saucisson, three sorts of cheese and bread. Hurrah for McPartlins!

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