Sunday, 19 September 2010

picnics in the park, pumpkin soup & tomato curry

After last night's quintuple dinner we're feeling a little brackish today, so a leisurely picnic with Kendra, Brian, Finn, SJ, Dan and the boys in Richmond Park seems an ideal solution to lift the spirits, and revive the digestive organs.

Okay the weather isn't fantastic but it's warm, and I know for a fact both myself and Kendra will turn up with Scotch Eggs. We do, but our lardiness is off-set by the fine salami's and cheeses from the Bolgers, the individual Pavlova's from the Wethereds and a special version of Saint Hugh's pumpkin soup from us.

Admittedly it's a bit runnier than I planned, mainly because I forgot to take into account the fact I'd used half the pumpkin in the Levi Roots salad the other day failed to adjust the stock accordingly. However it did have a twist because rather than just pumpkin, I also roasted up a couple of peppers which were lurking in the bottom of the fridge, and used up the sunflower oil leftover from the jar of roast peppers used up the last time we had mediterranean salad. Being too runny aside, it was definitely different as the peppers gave it a smooth, smokier flavour which was quite nice.

The combination of Milo's recent 3AM alarm calls, the fresh air and running around after toddlers means none of us are good for anything but baths and bed. Milo goes first, and one comforting tomato curry and a quick snigger at Debbie McGee and Jodie Marsh on Come Dine with Me later, we're not far behind.

tomato curry
Gosh, it's tiring this parenting lark.

Food of the Milos
Today wasn't his greatest culinary odyssey. For breakfast he had a chocolate muffin Jude made for him last night, and a waffle. Lunch consisted of carrot sticks, crisps, houmous and pavlova , although mainly crisps, but for dinner he made up for all the awfulness by eating sausage, mini broccoli and mash, with gravy. I have to say, the mash was the best mash I've possibly ever made, but I have no idea how it occurred....

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