Wednesday, 10 November 2010

evil vegetable stew and poisonous dumplings

If ever a post needed a tag 'never again' this is it. And it all started so well...

Having decided we'll have a vegetarian week, and having also observed the weather forecast was for "turning to custard", we plan ahead. Actually I planned ahead on Friday before we went to Dave and Lucy's for the weekend, but Ana needs constant prompting to make a decision re food for the week, but I digress. Knowing it's going to be cold and therefore fancying something along the lines of a stew, I spot this beauty in the Parsley book.

It's from Delicious, it contains mixed pulses which I know Ana likes, and generally speaking their recipes are idiot-proof. So how come the beans immediately burn to the bottom of the pan, the leek is slimy, the gravy is gloopy beyond redemption and the dumplings? The DUMPLINGS!? Crikey, I've never tasted anything so rancid in all my life. Can vegetable suet go off? Really?

I figure a few things:
1. Despite what the recipe says, three tablespoons of flour is probably two tablespoons too many;
2. Despite the dumplings looking and feeling the best I've ever made, I should pay more attention to their rancid smell;
3. You can't stir things once the dumplings are in, so things will stick;
4. The less said about this debacle, the better.

I suppose the only upside on not eating any dinner is a) we'll be inexplicably thinner through lack of any nutrition (apart from the cheese and picalilli sandwiches I had earlier) and b) I can watch Pillars of the Earth on catch up.

Food of the Milos
After his two week half-term the monkey is back in the saddle today. Surprisingly he doesn't have anything for breakfast or nibbles here, but this does mean he eats at Julia's - Classic Phili, toast and apricots. He had good "tippy toes" in ballet at Nursery today apparently, but he didn't really eat any lunch which was odd as it was spaghetti and meatballs. Neither did he eat any of last night's pumpkin risotto, again odd as he usually loves it.

vegetable stew with herb dumplings - Delicious circa 2005, now the Parsley Book

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  1. Hmm. Sick balls? they do look a bit vom if I'm honest. I have to say though that the remainder of this weeks dishes ALL look bloody ace. I have copied it down for our meal list for next week as I've zero inspiration from Decembers Delicious. Keep up the good work! although you are doing nothing for my non-diet diet.