Thursday, 25 November 2010

hot chilli

Ana has an extra day at work tomorrow, so with a childcare crisis looming mum steps into the breach and comes up for a day of Nanny duties. As snow is forecast she comes up tonight, and arrives in time for a) it to be bloody freezing, and b) for a large bowl of hot chilli!

I have to say I don't have a hard and fast recipe for chilli. Occasionally I'll add oregano and grated chocolate (like tonight), other times I start with a super-secret combination of spices and spices to make a paste, before simmering for as many hours as I can wait. Usually it's a minimum of two, but I have to caveat this by pointing out I spend two hours dipping bread for testing purposes. Anyway, it went down well:

Food of the Milos
It's a nursery and Julia day today. He has chocolate cheerios and apricot at Julia's, and then sausage, mash and veg, followed by a doughnut for lunch. Having finished dressing up as Snow White, complete with necklace and clacky mules, we bundle him home for a hearty portion of veggie pie and broccoli. It's a good day's eating for small cross-dressers.


  1. I am never hungry for dinner after I make spag bol or chilli... I taste so much during the preparation!

  2. Yeah you're right. Spag Bol, meatballs, curry - it all gets dipped into. You have to don't you, otherwise how would you know what it tastes like?

  3. Exactly... but my waistline and the mean robot dog on the Wii Fit would say otherwise. My new diet involves not eating any of the food my children don't finish. As a protest I am only making them one spoonful of dinner each because thats about all they bloody finish and I can't bear throwing good food away. (*burp*)

  4. Psssst. this photo of Ana is still there, does she know?