Wednesday, 17 November 2010

white chilli

We haven't had this cheeky Simon Rimmer dish for a well over a year, but Ana's inspired by it's warming qualities, and it's veggie goodness - something that automatically translates into being slightly cheaper than a meaty alternative.

I think the trick with this dish is to get the balance of spices right, because as it does have a lot of juice if you go slightly overboard with one thing - let's say cumin like I did last time - it does tend towards a definite acrid aftertaste. Tonight turns out to be the best version yet, and addition of the cheese sets off the heat very nicely, and the lime gives it some zing:

Food of the Milos
We've got ourselves into an annoying new routine going to Julia's these days: he sits in the buggy, and I have to run as fast as I can. This was okay for a little bit, but he wants to go further now and I'm knackered. Anyway I digress...

He has Weetos and apricots at Julia's before Nursery, followed by beef stew and rice for lunch. I think he had Chicken and Leek pie today, rather than yesterday, but without the crust which probably hadn't survived too well in the fridge.

white chilli - Simon Rimmer, Delicious, March 2009, p123

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