Sunday, 7 November 2010

bonfire weekend at ashton under hill

Remember, remember the 5th, 6th and 7th of November, value lager, experimental cooking and IKEA. Admittedly it's not quite how the rhyme goes but it pretty much sums up another fantastic weekend in glorious Ashton under Hill.

Contrary to tradition Tewkesbury Abbey fireworks aren't on the 5th, so when we get down on Friday we let the kids go mental in Dave and Lucy's swanky new front room before settling down to some 2% Morrison's value lager (mmmm, refreshing) and the first of Brenda's amazing experimental dishes - stuffed roasted butternut squash.

This is a controversial choice for a couple of reasons:
1. There's only butternut squash, no side;
2. Dave wants a take away curry;
3. It's a recipe from She Magazine;
4. Dave wants a take away curry.

However it is a definite winner, and I've taken the recipe away to repeat Les Bren's stunning culinary success.

There is more success looming on Saturday, although not from a rugby point of view. The mighty Tewkesbury 2s lost a hard battle against Gordon League (crazy name, crazy guys), before Australia managed to cheat their way to beating Wales without a front row. Hmmm...

Things then get much, much better with an amazing bonfire and fireworks display in front of the Abbey, followed by some quality bouncy castle time for Milo. We then hit the motherload at home with a massive bowl of lamb and prune tagine, which I believe was from Delicious? Lucy?

Sunday is much slower affair; the girls go to IKEA and the boys go the pub for a Sunday roast, via the pub.

It's a long, sleepy journey home, but we can't wait for the next weekend trip to Worcestershire. Hurrah for the country!


  1. god we miss you guys.... blowing things up on the ham is still one of our fondest memories, well, what we can actually remember of the blowing things up that is! Love you long time Lucy... and you Barnescubed... PS tonight's dinner is a thai green butternut curry with brown rice. Super healthy, super delicious...

  2. Wow, that sounds amazing - send the recipe!

    Yes, the Ham and particularly how close we all came to death was discussed this weekend. Also, how little we can all drink now before sleep takes over. Lucy must be very dull because ana fell asleep next to her on the sofa twice this weekend...

  3. We miss you guys too!!

    I think the falling asleep had more to do with lots of wine, a roaring fire and comfy sofa!
    (Ana) x

  4. Hehehe! Oh yes the days on the ham. That did come up in discussion Sarah over the weekend. I recall a certain Ronald & Dave combination posting a rocket firework upside down and it firing accross the grass whilst the rest of us ran for our lives!!! I also recall being veeeery 'ick that night.
    RGB - yes the lamb, chickpea and prune casserole was Delicious Nov 2010. Thank you for your glowing review!
    Sarah, could you give us the recipe for your curry? it sounds lovely! like the Barnes' we are trying to go vegetarian in the interest of reducing our outrageous shopping bill (Dave and his chateau briand..honestly!). We miss you guys too :( xxx

  5. We had two fantastic vegetarian meals this week, firstly stirfry on Wednesday with egg noodles and then the butternut thai curry with brown rice. Easy as, dice an onion and half a red pepper, some celery and finely julienne some garlic and ginger (a small KNOB). A splash of vegetable oil, a few drops of sesame oil, heat to smoking and stirfry the veg while you dice half a butternut squash. When the veg has softened add a tablespoon (or more) of thai green (or red) curry paste, stir till fragrant (what the eff does that mean anyway?) and add the butternut, toss to coat, turn down the heat and add a cup of chicken stock. Cook with the lid on for 10 minutes till softened and then add a can of coconut milk, a splash of fish sauce and a squeeze of fresh lime. Cook for a few more minutes until hot and serve over brown rice with a sprinkling of coriander for garnish.