Saturday, 20 November 2010

more singapore noodles

It's Johnny Osborn's 40th today - hurrah!

Sadly this means there is minimal foodie updates today. This partly because I have to dash into town to fix something at work, and by the time I get back I have to leave to catch the lads post-Twickenham. When I get to the pub it's clear all 40 years are telling on the assorted slumped figures in England attire, and not even Jon's elaborate and extravagant choice of dinner in The Thai Elephant can jerk people out of their post-rugby malaise.

Behold - volcano chicken!

I wish I had Volcano chicken rather than a less-than-impressive-compared-to-yesterdays-Singapore-noodles, and 15 bottles of fizzy lager.


  1. I am not sure how I supposed to feel about this photo. A chicken on fire with a fork like contraption up its btm. I don't know whether I'd throw water on it or a pinch of salt....

  2. It is I agree, a work of genius! It was quite tasty too, the bit I had anyway...

  3. Looks like a recipe for disaster if you ask me, add a few beers and some grown men acting like children and it could end in tears!