Tuesday, 2 November 2010

baked fish with herb and lemon crust

Is there anything better than trying a delightfully healthy and experimental fish dish after a brisk autumnal day, particularly when the person who decided on the meal is actually out at yet another of her book clubs?

Faced with the stark choice of eating it or binning it, I reluctantly opt - for the sake of our budget - to take one for the team and cook the sodding thing. Things don't get any better once I discover the fish has both skin AND scales, the herb crust is a good deal greener than the advertised picture, and to add insult to injury there's only fairly limp broccoli in the fridge.

There is a serious amount of back o my hand brewing for McCarthy's head and no mistake, but she's saved. SAVED I TELL YOU because despite the scales, skin, faded broccoli and emerald green lemon and herb crust, it's amazing! It's the last time I let her read Delicious mind...

Also I forgot to say last night, but this time the Beetroot Borscht is infinitely less sweet, and therefore a much more pleasant proposition than last time. It certainly took the edge off the wind in the park today, and the colour drew some curious glances from my fellow Cavendish Square literati, including the BBC's Chris Hollins. I tipped them wink, nodded sagely and returned to Midnight's Children.

Food of the Milos
It's a double nibbles morning for Milo today, but sadly no breakfast. He has a cheese sandwich for lunch, and last night's fragrant chicken stew with a jacket spud for dinner. Plus a variety of sweets from his trick or treat pumpkin of course.

baked fish with herb and lemon crust - Delicious February 2008, p24

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