Sunday, 21 November 2010

roast chicken

Ana has reports to finish today, so with the McCarthy seniors in residence the tactic today is to be out for as much of the day as possible - *obviously* once we've had a lay-in whilst he's playing "dens" for a couple of hours with Kay and Mike, of course.

Having run around Palewell Park until it started raining, wandered around East Sheen Waitrose and then going to see the Christmas lights in Homebase (very poor compared to last year's grotto showroom), we're back in time to continue our Sunday Roast odyssey. At least this time Mike got to eat...

Tonight we have roast chicken, roast potatoes, yorkshires and cauliflower cheese (although not an awful lot of that seeing as the cauliflower we chose turned out to be mainly leaves than cauli), with pancetta and brussel sprouts for me and Kay:

Food of the Milos
His chocolate porridge and marmite muffins, along with the usual cheese/berry/raisins nibbles, seem to carry him through most of the day, ably supplemented by some jelly dinosaurs and dried mango going around Waitrose. Roast dinner for dinner, *obvs*!

roast chicken - a version of Simon Hopkinson's classic;
Brussels sprouts ala Francais - The Black Book. Thank the Lord I've finally been able to cook this dish, I've only had my eyes on it for about ooohh about six years. Looking at the quality of the paper, I reckon it's from The Observer...

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