Monday, 15 November 2010

chicken & leek pie

You can tell winter's on it's way not because of the freezing fog I have to cycle through on the way home, and not because the of the fact the heating is slowly increasing it's temperature, but because Ana requests Pie for dinner.

As Carl Puttnam would say, it's an oldie but somehow gold by comparison, and perfect for warming up poorly cockles even if it does take about two hours to cook.

Food of the Milos
It's a nursery day today, so the trick is to feed him up as much as you can before he goes, and then to try to keep him awake when he gets home. It pretty much goes to plan apart from the usual nibbles-based breakfast, but when he gets back he has something new up his sleeve and asks Ana for some hot milk whilst "he relaxes in the lounge". Hmmmmmm....

There's sausages and mini-veg for dinner, which is usually winner but today it all takes some cajoling. Growth spurt, under the weather, or just being pickley - you decide.

chicken & leek pie - Jamie Oliver Christmas Special


  1. sorry, incorrect Mr Barnes! No cajoling was required. He practically hoovered it up!
    A x

  2. I think Mr White, "Bula" bragging rights can't be handed out if you've just been stuffed at the beautiful game by England. England!