Tuesday, 23 November 2010

chick pea and tomato soup with chorizo

It's definitely getting colder whilst remaining generally beautifully bright and clear. Today however, is a bit grey and drizzly, too drizzly to sit in the park so instead I eat my sesame chicken salad - which I made this morning donchaknow? - at my desk before taking a quick scoot around the shops to get some early Christmas presents.

Back at home we banish the chill (and argument over Christmas presents) with another batch of the chick pea,  tomato and chorizo soup whilst watching Sue and Giles Live the Good Life:

The soup is definitely better than Sue and Giles, which is a shame as I loved The Supersizers eat...

chickpea and tomato soup with chorizo and green chilli - Bill Granger, Delicious, February 2008 p68

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