Wednesday, 3 November 2010

beef and bok choi noodles

Incredibly this is our fourth experimental dish in five days, and not only that this is the third meal in a row from the same two year old copy of Delicious. Tomorrow we've got another one lined up, and even more bizarrely Ana has chosen all of the recipes. I feel quite faint.

We have a few stir fry dishes up our sleeves, but this one turns out to be a bit of a revelation. It's a neat combination of being super quick, very tasty (despite the fact I'd run out of ginger), and quite similar without being too similar to a Bill Granger classic we used to have loads. I think it'll become one of those recipes that depending our mood, we'll either have the BG one or this one. Does that even make sense?

Food of the Milos
Much to his disappointment, he's back at Julia's today as Ana is back at work. Curiously he has almost no breakfast today, only a few snacks before having chicken, mash, veg, grapes and yoghurt for lunch. There's defrosted Tana Ramsay sausage casserole for tea, which he loves apart from the cabbage (fair enough), and a further dose of trick or treat sweets.

beef and bok choi noodles - Delicious, February 2008, p28

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