Sunday, 14 November 2010

roast chicken

After last night's entertaining, we've got a double-whammy of the weather being awful, so we can't escape out, and there are two lots of guests hoving to on the horizon. If that wasn't enough, Ana seems to have developed man flu.

First to enter the sick lair are Matt and Virginie who pop over for a pot of tea, a pain au chocolat (well Virginie *is* French), and amazingly to measure our walls for some of Matt's artwork we've bought. It's all very Left Bank, despite the constant interruptions to put Monsters Inc on, bring all his cuddly friends into the lounge and requests to use the toilet.

Later, Mr Peter Magnus Leary is in attendance for our now-regular family sunday roast. This week it's roast chicken, roast potatoes and the last of our Pumpkin picking veg - a massive roast beetroot, a red cabbage and some carrots, all of which are in fairly good shape.

Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the dinner, but here's one of Pete and Ana enjoying the high life instead. Ana may look upset but you have bear in mind despite her illness, she did manage to finish a couple of glasses of Moet:

Incidentally, we got two chickens tonight, not because we're massively greedy but because we've got one eye on trying to stretch out the meals. Once I've jointed them up we freeze the legs and wings for Zanzibar Chicken next week, with the remaining carcasses - four breasts and the rest - for tonight's roast, and then if we're lucky, chicken, leek and bacon pie tomorrow.

Food of the Milos
What with all the people, rain and Scooby Doo, today isn't the most balanced of diets. He tricks me into buying him a lolly on the way to the croissant shop, aka Sainsbury's, before not eating his breakfast.

He does eat his lunch - we all have poached eggs on rye bread, with the left-over salmon, but dinner is a battle as he's more interested in entertaining Pete. In the end we get most of it down him before he crashes out in bed, leaving the menfolk to discuss worldly matters.

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