Sunday, 24 October 2010

sunday roast: beef, cabbage, parsnip, potatoes, carrots, yorkshires and beetroot

A couple of weeks ago we made a vague plan to go pumpkin picking with Kendra, Brian and Finn which, for one reason or another, never seemed to happen. However, Kendra and Ana have been doing some long-range forecasting and fix on today to re-attempt the trip.

As it happens, it is a perfect day; bright, sunny and with a little bit of warmth left in the air. Garsons Farm is out in Esher, so it's also the perfect place to meet Kay and Mike, who are up for the half-term weekend. Not only that the kids loved the whole harvesting veg thing. Certainly Milo's favourite thing was hoiking up carrots and beetroot out of the ground, although he was fairly pleased with his haul of pumpkins.

Kendra's sudden zeal for pulling stuff out of the ground and pronouncing everything as "woody" firmly puts her into the 'children' category, and I have photo evidence to prove the point:

Having filled the cars with approximately 3 pumpkins each, 2Kg of carrots, 4Kg of beetroot, a red cabbage and one squashed French Bean, we headed to the local tres delightful pub called The Prince of Wales for a snacky lunch.

Despite forgetting Kay, Ana and my order, it was very good - a beautiful location, excellent wine and beer, a massive garden, good service and pretty tasty grub. The kids got served first (more sausages for Milo, fish for Finn although they pretty much shared) and Kendra and Brian had roasts. On the basis we were having roast beef later, we all had starters - Mike had a crab cake, Kay had asparagus wrapped in prosciutto whilst Ana and I shared a platter of pork pie, scotch eggs, bread and cheese. Eventually.

After last week's success at eating roast dinner together, we recreate it this time with beef and one of Milo's massive beetroots, which turned out to remarkably sweet once roasted:

There was loads to go around, and you might notice somebody missing from this shot which explains why we had masses left. Poor Mike, he had to catch a ferry, and because we spent so long in t'country he didn't have time for dinner. Sorry Mikeledocus!

Food of the Milos
A tired little boy had a great day today, probably helped by the fact he was fully fuelled throughout. There was the usual crumpet, some apple and raisins, and "chocolate" porridge (well porridge with Milo added), for breakfast. Numerous snacks during the day, *more* sausages and chips for a late lunch, plus some of Finn's fish, and then he ate most of his Sunday lunch: beef, cabbage, carrots, Yorkshire pudding and roast beetroot.

Sunday roast - me, I made it all up from a mish-mash of the last ten years


  1. Milo on cereal is the only way to get Amy to eat it at the moment, she is happy to start the day on a mouthful of rice crispies (ricey bubbles) and is then starving for the rest of the morning.

  2. He's not that bad, but it was a real blast from the past for me as we always had Ready Brek with coco powder on it when were growing up. It brought back loads of memories of the massive snowstorm of the early 90s, and our old house.