Monday, 25 October 2010

cottage pie

What to do with half a cow's worth of left-over roast beef, and a carrier bag full of carrots? Luckily for my plans it's not only cold and wet(ish), but Kay's here till Friday night, so using the formula "cold x many mouths = pie or stew", I make a rough approximation of Saint Hugh's Shepherd's Pie.

It's pretty good even if almost two hours cooking aren't quite enough to completely tenderise the cubes of beef, although I suppose that's what you get using roasted left-overs? It also made a handy dent in the carrot sack, and we used up half a cabbage from Sunday's haul, so all in all a good shout.

Food of the Milos
Kay's up early to deal with Little Lord Fauntleroy's breakfast nibble intake, before I make him porridge. For lunch he flexes his consumer muscles with Thomas the Tank Engine pasta shapes in tomato sauce on toast, but he's back to what he knows best for dinner: frozen Jamie's Southern Sausage Stew.

cottage pie - based on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Shepherd's Pie recipe, from River Cottage Meat Book p504

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