Sunday, 3 October 2010

sauteed chicken with cider & tarragon

It's day one of Milo's two-day birthday extravaganza, and because it's absolutely tipping it down we're already onto Plan B for the Family Birthday, erm day.

Not that he knows we originally planned to go the Wetland Centre's adventure playground of course, and the lure of playing in Eddie Katz with Amelia, Kayosaurus, Mikeplodocus and Matt and a large sack of wonderful presents is more-than satisfactory from his point of view.

Knackered from extensive running about like a loony, we've just got time for lunch at Strada before the McCarthy's have to head back to the Island, and the arrival of my mum who bears not only more gifts, but an amazing pirate treasure chest-themed cake she made:

milo and cake
Incroyable! It's an excellent end to a really good if knackering day - particularly for those of us who spent half of it stuck between two soft-play rollers, half way down a spongey castle.

With monkey in bed, and Ana wrapping presents and making party bags in the drawing room (although Ana does insist on calling it the lounge), I knock up another batch of our new favourite Waitrose-approved stews, sauteed chicken with cider and tarragon:

sauteed chicken with cider & tarragon
This time we *do* have it with tarragon, which definitely rounds the flavour out a bit more, and rather than double cream and cider we make it more Milo (and diet) friendly by using creme fraiche and apple juice. Once again, I make marvellous mash! The perfect accompaniment to Downton Abbey...

Food of the Milos
Over-excited by opening presents and seeing various grandparents, uncles and a smallish cousin food isn't a priority today. He has some scrambled eggs for breakfast, spaghetti and ice cream and strada and then several handfuls of sweets and a slice of my mum's cake for dinner. Not his finest culinary day, but he was very funny

sauteed chicken with cider & tarragon - Waitrose Food Card, September 2010

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