Saturday, 23 October 2010

leftover butternut squash macaroni cheese

It's a beautiful day today, so naturally we spend most of it trying to extract as much of a lay-in as possible from Milo, before reluctantly getting up and heading out into the Autumnal sunshine.

Ana has to buy Jude a present for her birthday tonight so whilst she heads over to Barnes Book Shop, me and Milo go to the playground for an hour or so before rendezvousing at the Pond. It quickly becomes clear we only have a 50% success rate (like I didn't know) - Ana has got the book she wants, but Milo turns up with a massive graze on his chin, having performed some sort of no-handed-no-looking stunt on his bike. I pretend not to know what she's talking about.

He's okay, but it does take a trip to new favourite place in Barnes - The Treat Garden - for some marshmallow snakes and a giant Victorian lollipop to cement this fact in his mind.

On the way back we dodge the rain and have a late lunch in The Treehouse. As she's out tonight, Ana only has the French Onion Soup, which was surprisingly nice. As the shopping isn't coming until 9ish, I have the burger, and Milo has a veritable forest of sausages and chips. It's possibly the best burger I've had from there, and I reckon they were the best sausages he's had. H-Bone Willoughby was also having a late lunch, so maybe her star power made the Chef go the extra mile?

With Milo conked out, and Ana living it up in a Thai restaurant in Wandsworth, I make do with left-overs and a costume drama double bill - Part 3 of Pillar's of the Earth, and the rest of Sense and Sensibility for "work". No pictures I'm afraid, but I *did* drink a whole bottle of Merlot on my own, which might explain something.


  1. god this country is so backward, I had no idea there was a Pillars of the Earth miniseries... Channel 4 no less. It really is one of my favourite books of all time. Don't feel bad about the chin scrape, karma will have a comeback. I had a go at Ron for breaking Stella when he was watching her on Sunday, only to REALLY break her when she was with me on Monday. Her nose is a red, scabby, graze after she toppled down the stairs. Ouch.

  2. Oh Sarah, it's *amazing*! You can watch our region DVDs right? I'll send it over when it's out. Best bit so far has to be Robert Bathurst and Sarah Parish's perfunctory and evil sex scene - amazing!