Tuesday, 19 October 2010

chilli bean burritos with sweetcorn salsa

I've gone slightly crazy tonight. Rather than drying off from the sodden cycle home, making a quick dinner and then relaxing in front of the TV with some wine, I end up making three lots of stuff: Bill Granger's Chilli Bean Burritos, a massive batch of Lucy's chicken curry using the left over chicken from Sunday dinner for Milo, and another Bill recipe for my lunch this week, curried parsnip soup.

At least Bill's burritos are fairly quick to make, so quick in fact I give the sweetcorn salsa a spin for the first time, and it's a pretty good accompaniment. Certainly an ace way to squeeze one more portion of veg onto the plate, between the extra cheese and creme fraiche.

For the record, I had six wraps and Ana had only two, which goes some way to explaining why she's such a skinny minny at the moment. Don't worry, I'll cook stews for the next four months to bring her back up to my size. Anyway, whilst we eat burritos I've got two other pots bubbling away on the hob.

Due to a slight admin error, in one is about two litres of Lucy's chicken curry. It is very tasty with a slight kick from the Tikka Masala curry paste we used (left-over from something or other), although I wonder whether he'll ever finish the six portions now in the freezer, as well as the one in the fridge?

In the other are two litres of curried parsnip soup, which I approach with some trepidation. Last time I made it I attempted to offset the lack of curry paste with my own unique combination of garam masala, curry powder and cumin. It was not a success, instead I created an acrid, throat-choking nightmare and had to bin the lot. It still makes me gag slightly when I think about it. This time *with* paste it's a honeyed, warming beauty - hurrah!

Food of the Milos
His cold seems to be getting worse at the moment, so after a night spent rolling around our bed moaning, he's not up for much breakfast. Some apple, raisins and a bit of crumpet is pretty much his lot until lunchtime, when Ana makes some boiled eggs and toast. After a run around the park he's much perkier and ready for a big bowl of fish curry, some more fruit and a yoghurt.

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