Tuesday, 26 October 2010

mediterranean halloumi salad & carrot and cumin soup

Tonight is all about using up the rest of the sack load of carrots we bought back from t'country. The obvious choice is Bill Granger's Carrot and Cumin Soup, which swallows up all but six of the orange devils, who are spared for Milo (and Ana and Kay's) carrot and houmous intake this week.

With the soup bubbling away I turn my attention to possibly the most expensive salad ever prepared. Now normally the roasted peppers are the most expensive thing in Mediterranean Salad, but Ana manages to take this another level when she arrives home with not one but two M&S Halloumi cheeses, retail about £4 stirling PER cheese.

Now I don't mind using good quality ingredients (except when we've already got one halloumi in the fridge), but I draw the line at using the world's most expensive sheep and goat's milk cheese if it just sticks to the pan and sort of frazzles away:

Luckily they also mistakenly bought the world's most expensive bottle of Tuesday night wine to wash it all down with, so I was only mildly vexed.

Food of the Milos
The usual breakfast and snacky lunch (today with Finn and Kiki in tow), before kicking his father in the cobblers again by refusing to eat his cottage pie from last night. And this after I'd confidently saved his a couple of huge portions on the basis he always wolfs it down. He's dead to me.

mediterranean halloumi salad - Delicious, June 2010, p24
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  1. I need the recipe for the halloumi salad please, I have two packs sitting in my cheese drawer waiting for a warm night. Last night was 30 degrees, tonight about 17, go figure!