Friday, 1 October 2010

hearty vegetable cottage pie

No post last night because I was getting thrashed bowling by a transsexual called Fiona at Shoreditch House.

That's how we roll at work, and by the time I got back from the dodgy East End I was so tired and full of Peroni and pizza I could only manage Ana's left-overs. Which for the record were 1 (one) prawn and 1 (one) spoonful of Old Fashioned Chicken Curry sauce from the take away her and Kate had in my absence. She really knows how to spoil me, however I didn't have to wait too long to wreak my terrible rewenge!

Somewhat unexpectedly my dad pitched up tonight as he'd been rained off working in Sudbury, so naturally rather than driving to Portsmouth in the pouring rain he came over here to get dry, have dinner and take advantage of the inflatable bed. This is of course fine and dandy, particularly as Milo doesn't get to see him enough, but he's unashamedly useless during the dinner-bath-bed routine, and smokes like a chimney.

The combination of this, relentless army stories from the 50s (front row, sat to the right of the guy in the khaki uniform, if you're interested), and the fact I get home 45 minutes late means Ana is less-than-pleased.

I was planning to do a pumpkin and spinach curry but there's *definitely* not enough for three, so given Ana wants to watch strictly, and I've heard all the army stories, I decide to make the vegetable cottage pie on the basis we can all have it, Milo can have it tomorrow, and I can go to the pub with dad whilst it slowly cooks in the oven.

hearty vegetable cottage pie
We're all winners, the pie is a pretty top defence against the awful weather (particularly with a cheesey crust), and Dad comes up with some never-before-heard-by-me climbing stories that are genuinely hysterical - hurrah!

hearty vegetable cottage pie - Delicious, January 2007, p28

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