Thursday, 28 October 2010

book club: roast lamb and chocolate & apple crumble

Just a quick one tonight as we spent a delightful evening out at Beth's chi-chi Putney mansion for this month's Book Club. To be honest I'm a bit wary after last time's school-chat fueled disaster, so I bring a bottle of preventative Red and give Ana the car key, however tonight is a triumph!

First off everybody had read the book, Five Little Pigs, which is a first for a long time, and not only did we all like it, we could discuss it for at least half-an-hour. We even managed to get into an argument about Love in a Cold Climate. It's like Uni all over again, apart from the fact we never did this sort of thing at college, which would explain our appalling degrees.

Heavyweight literary discussion over, Beth serves up a beautiful leg of lamb with cubed roast potatoes and the biggest mini-broccoli I've ever seen, followed by a chocolate and apple crumble.

I'm stuffed and not a little drunk...

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