Friday, 29 October 2010


With Ana off to the country for the weekend with Kendra, Lucy and Amanda, the door is open for another weekend of high quality experimentation. I've had my eye on a few recipes recently: Bill's duck and olive stew, a couple of different curries, pork belly, and of course now I've got my amazing tagine from Ana, some sort of chicken tagine, with preserved lemons and olives - mmmmmm!

Instead I have pasta'n'sauce from the fridge, and a bottle of wine whilst watching The Mentalist. Weeeelllll, we only had half a packet of mini broccoli in the fridge...

Sorry all

Food of the Milos
Up early and firing on all cylinders this morning, by the time we'd fallen out of bed (late) Kay has already filled him up with the usual pre-breakfast snacks. As Ana had already left for the country, and Kay and Mike were heading out the door when I got home, I have no idea what he had for second breakfast, nor lunch, but I do know what he had for dinner: Some more of Lucy's chicken curry and rice, and a yoghurt.

It was from a packet, there were no sources organic or otherwise

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