Wednesday, 6 October 2010

spinach, tomato and chick pea curry

Somewhere along the line this week (I suspect either Sunday or Monday) we seem to have skipped the projected moroccan lamb shanks, on the basis we're too knackered/tired to cook them for three hours. With a brand-spanking new Midsomer to look forward to, tonight is *not* the night for noodling in the kitchen.

The quickest thing left on the menu is the new-favourite-experimental spinach, tomato and chick pea curry. Which is perfect, even if Ana does contend I can't cook rice.

spinach, tomato and chick pea curry
She even ruins Barnaby's investigation by correctly predicting the incestuous relationships, and who murdered whom. Unusually this doesn't follow her usual method of suspecting everybody, and she gets it pretty much first time.

Food of the Milos
It's a Julia day today, so it's the usual cheerios, apricots and raisins breakfast at hers, before chicken and veg pasta after nursery. Back at home it's last night's Tana Ramsay-endorsed experimental sausage casserole. Frankly it was a triumph, including the cabbage, so we'll be having that again soon, although hopefully we'll have better luck with the mash.

spinach, tomato and chick pea curry - Waitrose Recipe Cards, Early September 2010


  1. I can't cook rice either which is why we invested in a rice cooker, bloody brilliant! Finally, light, fluffy rice everytime no matter how little or how much I make! Hmm, sausage casserole sounds good. Also, this curry is a budget friendly option, I might have to try it.

  2. Co-incidentally my mother has just given me a rice cooker for my birthday. I might give it a go, although Ana's frankly talking out of her hat...