Saturday, 30 October 2010

anglo-indian egg curry

Can you believe it, this is the second week running I'm home alone with a bottle of red wine and Pillars of the Earth? This time Ana is living it up in the country with Kendra, Lucy and Amanda, leaving me and the little boy with a day so busy I had him sparked out by around six-ish.

Dan and Dylan came up with Mum, and whilst she went "up west" to watch Mama Mia we pottered around the SW14 region: We spent an a couple of hours running like loonies around Palewell Park before hiding from the rain in The Treehouse. For lunch. Again.

Afterwards we caught the bus over to the rugby club for a couple of pints whilst the boys went mental on the AstroTurf carpet. Yes, AstroTurf carpet. By the time we get home, one little boy is very very tired and zonks out nestled on my shoulder halfway through Zog. Sadly even though the clocks are going back, I doubt I'm going get an extra hour in bed tomorrow.

So, an early bed means I can get experimental with a Tom Norrington-Davies egg curry. I know, it sounds weird but I've seen variations in loads of recipe books so it can't be that bad. And given I won't have to deal with any lemon-sucking faces from any spouses I may know, tonight is the ideal opportunity to try it.

In fact the combination of onions, celery and potato is quite earthy, and with some beautifully fragrant spices - cardamon, ginger, turmeric, cumin - it's a bit of a winner. In case you're wondering, the egg is only really a boiled egg garnish. I might try it with a Scotch egg next time...

Food of the Milos
It's busy, busy, busy today so he's mainly snacking - in fact it's a case of the usual all day: cheese, raisins, apples for pre-breakfast nibbles followed by porridge. Sausage, chips and broccoli for lunch, a packet of crisps at the club, several bottle of juice, and then some more cheese and apple for supper.

a very anglo-indian egg curry - Tom Norrington-Davies, Delicious circa 2005, The Parsley Book

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