Friday, 8 October 2010

balsamic and thyme steak

It's Friday night, and all we've got in the fridge is half a large savoy cabbage left-over from Tana Ramsay's sausage casserole. What to do, what to do, other than buy booze, chips and dips of course?

Inspiration hits on the way home, and I pick up some steak for a relatively healthy steak and mash dinner to accompany The Mentalist. It *must* be healthy because it's from a really old Delicious One Month Healthy Eating Plan.

balsamic and thyme steak
Now, whilst this plate looks marvellous Ana's plate is less successful, mainly because Sainsbury's fillet steak really isn't very good. It's quite tough, and gristly. Note to self there.

balsamic and thyme steak - Delicious, One Month Healthy Eating Plan Booklet, February 2007 - now the Skull Book. I really must take a picture of it

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