Wednesday, 20 October 2010

vegetable and chick pea tagine

I promise you this was on the menu *before* my amazing birthday present from Ana arrived, and if it's any consolation, I won't be using the tagine until I've prepared in the prescribed manner, by boiling some milk in it first. It seems mad doesn't it?

Anyway, it's the coldest night of the Autumn so far with a super crisp frost falling as I cycled back and an almost perfect but not quite full moon hanging overhead. I love bright winter days, and in fact spent another delightful lunchtime sat in the sun in Cavendish Square reading and eating (or drinking?) a steaming thermos of Bill Granger's curried parsnip soup. Coming home is a different story though, and I need to snuggle up to Milo for at least 10 minutes before I thaw out.

With him asleep and me defrosted, I knock up this quick tagine/stew from Ana's very favourite sports and fitness magazine.

It seems quite simple but the harissa and cumin really give it some oompf, and the carrot turns out to be quite sweet alongside the apricots. I really must get around to learning to cooking some flavoured cous cous though, I fear the plain stuff whilst good at sucking up gravy is just a bit, well, dull.

Food of the Milos
Despite having waking up all bunged up at 0200 this morning and coming into our bed, Monkey is in pretty good form on our way to Julia's. He at least slept rather than thrashed around, poking us and forcing us out of the bed, which probably explains why he's so chipper. We invent a song called "Meercats" on the way, which involves singing "Meercats" until one of us breaks and sings "snakes". I predict it'll be Christmas number one, in our house anyway.

At Julia's he has the usual apricots, cheerios, toast breakfast, followed by ham and eggs for lunch, but as he's a bit under the weather he doesn't eat much of either. Consequently he only feels like pasta for dinner, so Ana makes him Bill Granger pea, parmesan and pasta and he zonks out fairly quickly after I get back. Not that I'm boring, I hasten to add.

vegetable and chick pea tagine - Fiona Hunter, Zest Magazine. Now the Parsley Book

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