Friday, 12 November 2010

sweet potato and halloumi casserole

Tonight we're using up a variety of things which have been kicking around the vegetable bowl to make a lovely sweet potato and halloumi casserole

It's an odd recipe from the pre-New Zealand Black Book, and I distinctly remember cooking it for Manwaring on his trip to Upland Road, Kelburn. We've had it a few times since but the combination of ingredients is suitably challenging enough for Ana to need to be convinced each time I cook it, and usually I can't be bothered to try.

She loves the halloumi, (even if stewing it makes it squeakier than usual), and cherry tomatoes are a staple of our diet, but shallots and pesto aren't high on her list of favourites. However, it's the very pesto and chilli which really gives the dish a big ole flavour you wouldn't expect from such light ingredients.

However tonight I leave out the new potatoes and accidentally hit upon the perfect combination of veg for Ana, so much so she has two bowls whilst watching Come Dine with Me:

Food of the Milos
There's no point fannying around with what he has for breakfast as it's the same most days, the variety in Milo's diet happens from lunchtime onwards. Today he and Ana have boiled eggs for lunch, and then he reluctantly has ratatouille for dinner. Usually he loves it, and indeed he positively cheers when Ana tells him what's for tea, but then it has to be spooned into him as he won't feed himself.

sweet potato and halloumi casserole - Possibly Sainsbury's Magazine, now in the Black Book

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  1. Recipe please, its still cold here after our scorching weekend and I think a casserole is a better meal plan than a salad.... and I have a sweet potato, halloumi and pesto in the fridge!