Friday, 19 November 2010

chicken bolognese

No pictures tonight I'm afraid, but that's because I wasn't cooking - oh no!

Tonight we celebrated launching the next phase of development at work, so we all finished early and toddled off the pub on the company credit card. Being a sensible chap I only had a couple before cycling home... only to watch the most abysmal game of rugby I've ever seen. Ever.

The only bright spot in an otherwise thoroughly depressing evening was by the time I got home (with wine), Ana and Kay had knocked up a quite spectacular batch of Bill Granger's chicken bolognese. To be honest she pioneered cooking this in Wellington, (I particularly remember her dropping a whole jar of salt into when the lid came off, whilst we were living on Evans Bay Parade) so this was clearly second nature to her.

Obviously the gloss was taken off once she managed to complete her daily small act of clumsiness by knocking her wine glass off the arm of the sofa and breaking it on Milo's toybox, but despite that dinner was still delicious.

Another bright spot occurred earlier in the day when our director took myself and Angela Hazel out for lunch. We went for noodles at Cha Cha Moon just off Carnaby Street, which were really good whilst still being respectably priced. They're not as rustic as Talad Thai but equally flavoursome, and I had probably the best Singapore noodles I've had for ages, plus beetroot and apple juice, which was divine! I heartily recommend if you're in the area, although steer clear of the taro cake.

Food of the Milos
If there's one thing Milo likes more than Octonauts/Peppa Pig/Enchanted/White Bear/White Rabbit/His bike is Grandparents. He's got Kay and Mike (briefly) in residence this weekend, so he naturally goes barmy post Nursery, making dens, making camps and generally running the pair of them ragged.

Despite having two fish cakes in the fridge for him, he gets one of his absolute favourites for dinner as Kay makes him her 'special' macaroni cheese. Christ knows what's in it, but it lasts about two seconds. He's a hateful child.

chicken bolognese - Bill Granger, Every Day, p87

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