Friday, 26 November 2010

chorizo and butter bean casserole

Another cold one tonight, but by the time I get home Ana has taken the culinary bull by the horns and started knocking up a classic chorizo casserole for dinner. She's amay-zing, it's like being married to Nigella, only with fewer cream horns being lasciviously licked at two AM. You can't have it all.

It's a good one, really orangey and spicy with nice, chunky chilli - just what the doctor ordered:

Dinner done, we take advantage of my mum's residence and scoot off to the The Idle Hour for a couple of Friday night drinks. Happy days, it's like we're 29 again!

chorizo and butter bean casserole - The Black Book


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  2. Please may I have the recipe for this pretty pretty please?

  3. mmm, me too, its supposed to be summer but its been the wettest spring in a number of years and its actually cool outside. Sigh. Missing all the snow though..

  4. Where has the picture of Ana Barnes gone?!

  5. Lucy, ask yourself this question: "Which one of our family has a censorship ethic based on the press freedoms of Myanmar?" That's right, Doctor Ana "It never happened" Irving...