Monday, 22 November 2010

roasted stuffed butternut squash

Tonight we've been inspired by Brenda who cooked this when we went to Ashton for Bonfire night. To be honest we *always* seem to have some squash kicking around the house and I usually either curry them, risotto them, or make soup out of them which is fine if getting a little uninspiring.

It was delicious at Lucy's, but I don't remember them looking quite so phallic:

Something which didn't occur to me until I tried cooking them was just how similar it is to a dish we used to have when we lived in Brent Cross, although this version was much easier to hollow out. More importantly it's about fifty-times tastier, given that all food you cook in your early twenties is usually close to being inedible. We'll be having it again although maybe with a smaller squash to leave some room for greens.

roasted stuffed butternut squash - She Magazine, December 2010

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