Tuesday, 16 November 2010

beef stroganoff

Nothing wildly exciting today; it's still cold and Ana still has a cold. To combat this symmetry of illness and inclement weather we go back to the old school, again. This time with a Bill Granger classic, beef stroganoff:

My version has an infinitesimal change to Bill's recipe, with the inclusion of smoked paprika which punches up the flavour somewhat. Oh, and we have it rice because we can't agree on a pasta. Well, we couldn't agree on a pasta about four years ago, so since then we've mainly eaten it with rice...

In other tangential news, I've finally been able to emulate Jamie Oliver's patented method of stripping sprigs of thyme and I think the key is using fresh, homegrown herbs. Whenever I've used shop-bought the leaves refuse to simply fall off, however I can do it really easily using the stuff growing in pots outside. Truly this is the final evidence that proves the benefits of The Good Life!

beef stroganoff - bill granger, Simply Bill, p33

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