Sunday, 28 November 2010

smoked salmon brunch & moroccan lamb shanks

Can you believe one trip to the tip at about four aside, we spent all day in our pajamas today? It's amazing and I'm all over it!

After kicking around the lounge playing "Dens" and painting whilst Ana sorts stuff out for FARA, we eventually get around to having some sort of brunch. It's a big plate of smoked salmon on rye bread with scrambled egg, with a hearty large couple of mugs of tea to drive out the cold:

It's one of the great surprises of having Milo - especially given how fish-phobic me and Ana are - how much fish he actually likes. In fact I end up having to swap my fish for his eggs.

Yes Lucy, that's Ana's elbow stage left. Drink it in while you can because no doubt this picture will disappear soon. It never happened

A few hours of more lounging around later and it's dinner time. We haven't cooked lamb shanks for aaaaages, I can't believe we've not made it for since the blog started, and handily there are two nestling in the freezer. Despite the fact I've usually cooked it in a big casserole, I'm feeling experimental tonight and cook it in my new tagine with half the canned tomatoes, and none of the stock. Guess what, it's genius! I'm going to cook everything in a tagine from now on!

Food of the Milos
The nibbles and brunch you know about, and for dinner he has... sausages. Of course, what else could it be?

moroccan lamb shanks - Delicious, 2005


  1. I want to know more about tagine cooking! this looks yum.

  2. Oh Lucy, it has changed my world. Well it hasn't, but if we ate a lot of stews it would. It's amazing from a geeky "look how little liquid it needs" point of view, and I love moroccan stews so it's the perfect combination. When you come up I will tagine your ass to within an inch of Dave's life

  3. Whoah, that sounds kind of weird actually. Anyway, smoked salmon is on our Christmas Eve with friends menu.. I can't decide, homemade blinis or rye? Love the horseradish Mrs B.

  4. Further adventures on the smoked salmon, rye bread, horseradish combinations. The new addition is ..... beetroot! oh yes its good, straight or pickled. xx

  5. I am told this is very lovely indeed;

    you may have made it already non? in the recipe book (Nige's Christmas) there is a red onion and pomegranite relish to accompany it. I wondered if we could have this on NYE? whaddoyareckon?