Thursday, 10 September 2009

sweet leek, tomato & ricotta lasagne

The plan today was for me to go to work, prep a new film and tv site, stay in late filling it with content and fixing minor bugs, and come back the next day ready for champagne and hearty backslapping. Instead what happens is everything is cocked, the launch is canceled, I spend the day in meetings, miss lunch and come back and defrost the last lasagne in the freezer.

sweet leek, tomato & ricotta lasagneIt looks a bit like battered fish, doesn't it? However silver linings are provided by the hysterical Jamie's American Road Trip, and St Hugh's new TV offering: Food Fight, with Sue Perkins. Although I've just remembered James Martin's awful perving over Ching-He Huang made me bilious. Bleugh!

Food of the Milos
More food on the floor today, but again dinner is the saving grace: ratatouille. What would we do without it? Chips and crips I suppose.

sweet leek, tomato and ricotta lasagne - Jamie Oliver, Delicious, September 2005, p31
tomato sauce - Jamie Oliver, Delicious, September 2005, p32

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