Saturday, 12 September 2009

toasted pine nut & sweet potato salad

So the TV and Movie launches definitely don't happen today, but I'm so knackered I barely notice; another 7.45 start for nought. Sadly this sleepiness (in no way aided by 4am wake up calls for cuddles and milk), means I forget to take a picture of tonights feast - toasted pine nut & sweet potato salad - until I'm halfway through it.

So by way of an apology I offer you a small snippet of two of my favourite chefs in action - the Hon Simon & Minty Marchmont from the Quill & Tassel:

I know I'll be embarrassing my veg from now on, it's the only way.

Food of the Milos
Julia's today, so Cheerios, apricots and rice cakes for breakfast, pasta, peas & sweetcorn and a yoghurt for lunch and lasagne. The lasagne isn't a winner, although he likes shouting the word.

toasted pine nut and sweet potato salad - Donnah Hay, The Instant Cook, p49

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