Saturday, 19 September 2009

jamie's southern sausage stew

It's absolutely bogging it down tonight. Seriously, it's Biblical and having cycled home in a monsoon I make an executive decision and decide on something hearty and spicy for dinner. It's an experimental sausage dish chosen by the anas from this month's Delicious - Jamie's Southern Sausage Stew taken from his new book. We then watch the show whilst eating the meal, which is a bit odd.

jamie's southern sausage stewI have to say it's pretty bloody good, particularly as I was freezing when I got home and even better, the heat was provided by another of our home-grown chillis. My one recommendation would be to skin the sausages before you cook them...

Food of the Milos
Defrosted hearty meatballs for dinner tonight, but he's been a bit grouchy today so he doesn't exactly scoff it down.

jamie's southern sausage stew - Jamie Oliver, Delicious, October p41


  1. I made this too a couple of weeks ago and weirdly, I froze the leftovers and ate them whilst watching the show the other night too! so if I had known you were eating the same, I could have put a couple of pictures of you both on the sofa and pretended we were all together enjoying our tea (although perhaps that would have been the 'weird' bit)

  2. PS - wouldn't it be good with pork meatballs instead? - erm...skinned sausage made into balls - very similar to what you already suggested I realise....I shall shut up..