Monday, 28 September 2009

thai meatball salad

After a month break, the mighty Midsomer is back so all thoughts of cooking have to be crammed into the half hour between putting milky joe to bed and the first murder of the evening at eight. Much to the ana's displeasure ("so you mean I have to miss location, location, location for this?"), I've planned ahead and defrosted the last of the thai meatball curry. There is ice cream for pudding.

You've seen it before, so instead here's some more Posh Nosh:

Food of the Milos
Normally the milos would go to Julia's on a wednesday, but not today. Ana is on a school trip on Friday, so everything is shifted around. Instead they go to Zoe and Zacs for the day. We chance our arm on last night's left-over pumpkin for dinner, which miraculously works - green beans included! The key appears to be calling it 'curry' rather than 'stew'. Of course, why didn't I think of that earlier?

thai meatball coconut curry - Delicious - August 2009, p55


  1. I am sorry but I am never going to be impressed by what you feed Milo until I see a sandwich like one of these:
    come on, the challenge is on!

  2. They look cocking amazing! I like the bagel Loch Ness Monster the best - I'm definitely going to try that. I will point out the veggie bunnies I made the other day look particularly 'special'.

    I'll get them up tonight