Thursday, 24 September 2009

baked pumpkin & feta risotto

With a week to go until payday and a holiday and a wedding under our belts this month, we enter dark days of credit crunch shopping to get through till Friday. It's like being a student again - we load up the change collection, break into the pound jar and head to Sainsbury's change counter thingy. Surely as responsible parents we should be beyond this sort of thing now?

Anyway, before we go I took a picture of the milos at his morning porridge feast, drinking tea from his mug (an espresso one I borrowed from Italy), so you can see his new hair:
milo and teaShopped out, he goes to bed well early which is brilliant because we can tidy the house and have a nice lunch together in the garden before he's even awake! In the interests of health/using up stuff in the fridge and having enough for his dinner tonight, we have an experimental risotto courtesy of Miss D Hay.

baked pumpkin & feta risottoBrilliantly there's so much he has some for his dinner, and there's enough for me to have as well whilst ana visits kendra kats and fieeeeeeen in the new flat. This is handy because I decide to spend the evening trying to create some Annabel Karmel veggie bites for the monkey.

They take forever but I do have a top tip - farm animal cookie cutters make really bad veggie bite shapes. They're too complicated, just stick with the stars and circles so you don't end up with 20 malformed veggie bunnies cluttering up the freezer.

Food of the Milos
Banana porridge for breakfast (and his tea, natch), plus some toast and marmelade. Numerous snacks around the supermarket including a brilliant find, Tomberries. Laughing Cow squares, more tomberries and satsumas for lunch, and loads of risotto for dinner.

baked pumpkin & feta risotto - Donna Hay, The Instant Cook p 66
veggie bites - Annabel Karmel, Top 100 Finger Foods, p24

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  1. oh bless that boy! he looks ubercute with his new 'do' and I rather enjoyed seeing him with a nice cuppa. Ben likes rooibos tea rather alot (allegedly excellent stuff for babies and toddlers) so now all I need to do is go out on the rob for a nice little china coffee cup for him....I shall look to you Barnes for tips on how to achieve this. The risotto looks good too - I might have a crack at this tomorrow. Loving all your works xxx