Tuesday, 8 September 2009

spiced mushroom burgers

Sunday dawns terribly early and lasts for almost 21 hours, and no amount of fruit juice, tea and crumpets lessens the pain.

Before everybody goes home we head to The Red Lion for Sunday lunch. I think it says something about where we are in our lives that not only are we the first to the pub, we're queuing outside at 11.45. Is that good organisation or just desperation?

Anyway, me and Davis share a very good roast chicken, brenda has some pretty good sausages and mash, and ana has 'disappointing' halloumi salad. Clearly she wasn't hungover enough. She does have a glass of wine though.

For evening dinner it's the start of the diet (again) so we try some experimental mushroom burgers, which are surprisingly really nice.

I would say next time I'd make sure all the mushrooms have the curvy-lip on the bottom, so it's easier to pile the topping into them. And I'd use a bigger bag of spinach. Still, definitely one for another time...

Food of the Milos
Junk for breakfast, a bit of everbody's lunch for lunch although mainly chips, and pizzas for dinner. He was very under the weather after his snoopy-snooze but perked around pizza time.

spiced mushroom burgers - Simon Rimmer, Delicious, September 2009, p92


  1. Erm, excuse me...you 'claim' to be eating diet food and yet Davissss has spied a teeeeny bit of PORK PIE on the side of your plate. More commitment needed people, MUCH more. Davissss also thinks it is his pork pie so cue: sulk.

    thank you for excellent food over the weekend and lovely company as always! kisses to you all xxx

  2. Pork Pie's are clearly only a garnish!

    He shouldn't have left it behind, should he?