Tuesday, 29 September 2009

hearty vegetable pie

One night to go until pay day so it's another night of dinner from the freezer, although let's not be too depressed as freezer food is still pretty darn good. Tonight's batch comes from the Sunday when Claire and Rob came for dinner. There's a slight twist tonight as the mash is made up of potato and sweet potato.

Okay, it's not *much* of a twist.

Food of the Milos
He's back at Julia's today. Apricots, Cheerios and toast & Phili for breakfast, snacks of rice cakes. Spinach & ricotta tortellini and fresh mango for lunch, and then some fish meatballs and pasta for dinner. Again, as long as you call them 'spicy meatballs' he'll stuff them down.

hearty vegetable cottage pie - Delicious, January 2007, p28

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