Saturday, 12 September 2009

halloumi with saffron tomato salad

After a couple of days non-cooking, we're back on it tonight with some vegetarian experimental salad type stuff, from Simon Rimmer in September's Delicious. Now I blow hot and cold with la Rimmer - he's cocking annoying on Something on the Weekend (but then Tim Lovejoy is cocking annoying times 20), and some of his recipes are disastrous. But some are really nice, like the spiced mushroom burgers we had on Monday.

This looks like it could be nice, but with an ana controversy level of three-ish due to the presence of bulgur wheat and capers, it could just as easily be terrible. The lack of saffron in the house due to the Ocado error could be a problem, but they look pretty good on the grill:

grillingIt looks pretty good on the plate, but perhaps saffron is required to cut the astringency of the caper and sherry vinegar. The bulgar wheat is a bit watery as well, but I'll give it another go.

haloumi with saffron tomato saladNot an amazing success then, but the evening ends on a culinary high when I *finally* find a decent soup recipe to use up the kilo of carrots you have to buy just to get the one you need. Amazingly it comes from Bill Granger's Feed Me Now, a book I consistenly spurn and pooh-pooh whilst trying to hide it so it doesn't offend mine sight. Carrot and lime soup is a winner though!

spiced carrot soupFood of the Milos
Another day at Julias, another large amount of food in the gullet: raisins, cheerios and toast and phili for breakfast, and sausages, rice and veg for lunch although he didn't eat the peas and rice. For dinner he gets Jamie's tomato sauce and pasta, which also goes down a treat.

haloumi with saffron tomato salad - Simon Rimmer, Delicious, September 2009, p93
spiced carrot soup with lime - Bill Granger, Feed Me Now!, p144

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