Sunday, 6 September 2009

thai meatball curry

Hmm, winter definitely drawing in and the combination of this and the post-holiday lack of any shopping means further raiding of the freezer - this time a cheeky thai curry I made the last time the anas and milos were on the Diamond Isle. At least the box looks in better nick than last night's Shepherd's Pie.

thai meatball curryIt looks much better on the plate too, although interestingly even though the container is full of sauce, once it's defrosted it's not as much as I thought. Okay, so not 'interestingly' but still...

thai meatball curryFood of the Milos
Second day back at Julia's so he has a bigger breakfast than usual because she's much more successful than us at shoveling Philadelphia, toast, porridge and apricots down his maw. Oddly, he didn't eat much left-over shepherd's pie when he got home though. That is genuinely 'odd' btw.

thai meatball coconut curry - Delicious - August 2009, p55

Yeah, I know what you mean. He's 'almost' a little boy, and his speech is so advanced and he's so big we tend to forget he's only a small person. How are you guys? Is is spring over there now? How are the family?

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  1. We are all doing well thanks, still adjusting to life as four although Stella is just the easiest baby ever and we are VERY lucky. Its a combination of sweet nature and much more relaxed parenting second time around. Amy is a little hell raiser, angelic one moment, terrible the next. She is finally fully toilet trained which is amazing and scary, she starts full day preschool two days a week next January. We can't wait! Ron is playing the grand final again this weekend, all four grades in the GF first time in forever. He is slightly injured so I anticipate a week of ice-packs and worry!