Friday, 25 September 2009

puy lentils with roasted vegetables

Another lovely day dawns but the anas are laid low by black lung. Or the quinsy or palsy, or something that involves her not getting up but malingering in bed sniffing at a bottle of Amarula, and dabbing her nose occasionally with a silken 'kerchief. [She actually was ill but she's not writing this]

So me and the milos go to the park for two hours chasing squirrels, hiding in the 'jungle' and followed by a hearty walk back along the tow path from The Ship to Ye White Hart. We see ducks, spiders, squirrels, a dead flounder/plaice, a heron and we eat biscotti. It's like the Famous Five, except a really posh version where the scrambled eggs are made from Golden Eagle eggs. We return and the blond bomber has a 'hearty' lunch of last nights misshapen veggie 'rabbits', and me and lovely anas eat baguette and cheese for lunch.

When the Kraken awakes we go to Richmond Park for a walk. We play hide and seek in the nearest hollow tree:

peepoAnd we see loads of deer, one of which attempts to eat an annoying Italian child:

bongiornoOkay, back to the *point* of the blog - the food. With a lock-down on spending, and knowing we've got loads of lentils in the cupboard I opt for an experimental dish from the October issue of Delicious. It looks a bit mad but it's pretty tasty. Ana makes an excellent point during Kevin McCloud's Grand Tour, the halloumi needs to be grilled so it goes crispy on the outside and runny inside, rather than griddled. She's right.

Food of the Milos
Toast and lime marmalade for breakfast with grapes. The mutant veggie rabbits for lunch with tomberries and cheese for lunch, and some defrosted spicy meatballs for dinner. He eats the meatballs, spaghetti and all, under his own steam for the first time (with only minor help).

puy lentils with roasted vegetables and griddled haloumi - Delicious Magazine, October 2009, p22

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