Thursday, 3 September 2009

shepherd's pie

So no autumn then, just direct to winter and skip the nice harvest weather? With the flood lapping at the door and the anas wrapped up in fifteen red blankets we put the diet on hold and break out some hearty fayre from the freezer.

shepherd's pie*Slightly Mangled* doesn't cover the half-of it. I'd forgotten I was slightly wobbly when I made this, and it's not clear where the shepherd begins and the pie ends. On the positive side, it hasn't affected the flavour and having hoiked some out for the milos tea tomorrow, there's only two smallish portions for us so it is kinda diet friendly.

Food of the Milos
After last night's pasta nightmare we give him spaghetti bolognaise, which goes down much better. He's also back at Julia's as the anas have returned to work, so he's pretty much spent the day eating.

shepherd's pie - Saint Hugh of Whittingstall, River Cottage Meat Book, p504

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