Monday, 9 January 2012

moroccan-spiced chickpea cakes

Another day, another meal made out beans and pulses - we're clearly playing with fire, or at least a selection of noxious cases and unsavoury miasmas. Lucky I didn't have a massive portion of last night's lentil-based pie for lunch then.

After a fairly crippling run home, hampered as I was by a particularly stodgy hunk of Christmas cake for tiffin, we switch our pulses from lentils to chickpeas, with another helping of moroccan-spiced chickpea cakes.

Strangely they are most definitely NOT as successful as last time, and I can't quite put my finger on why. Okay so I ballsed up my dried chickpea quantities (who knew 400g would double in size?), and on reflection I probably over-blended the mix, so they were more felafel-y than cake-y, and they were maybe slightly too big... I think I may have put my finger on the reasons after all.

moroccan-spiced chickpea cakes - Waitrose Kitchen, November 2011, p103

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