Saturday, 7 January 2012

bill granger's dhal with tamarind and lime

For one reason or another, tonight feels like the first normal Saturday for a long time, and it feels goooood!

With Kayosaurus and Mikelodocus staying over, we both get a much-needed lie-in, which is in itself aces. They then Milo-wrangle for the rest of the day while Ana gets to forensically clean the flat and I, whisper it, play rugby for the first time this season.

To be honest I was v nervous which I haven't been about playing since college; I haven't played for ages and I'm completely out of condition but it worked out okay. We stuck 45 points past Purley John Fisher 2s & 3s, I had several rampaging blasts and even came up with a try. Genius! I bet I ache in the morning mind.

To top it off we even managed to squeeze in a really tasty experimental curry whilst watching the last three episodes of The Killing II. Welcome back Saturday nights, it's good to have you back.

Now we've had several dhal recipes over the years, and this is the second Bill Granger recipe that's been kicking around, but despite having my eye on it for ages,  it's the first time we've tried it. I wish we'd given it a go earlier as it is really lovely.

The addition of a healthy dollop of tamarind and the lime juice, combined with the caramelised onions, lift it well above the realms of a mere side dish, and into a filling, earthy and tangy delight. We'll be seeing this one again, mark my words.

dhal with tamarind and lime - Bill Granger, Delicious, February 2008, p67

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  1. Yum! I definitely need the recipe for this one please!