Tuesday, 31 January 2012

nigella's keralan fish curry

I've definitely got a cold coming, so last night's balls-up becomes a blessing in disguise as the combination of antiseptic turmeric and gingery-spicy goodness is just what the doctor ordered:

Interestingly I've spotted an oldie-yet-goldie Nigella recipe next to this one which I think Brenda you cooked for us once, (or it might have been Kiki), and we had a few times whilst flat-sitting for the Whites - Hot and Sour Soup. Given Milo's predilection for prawns and the imminent arrival of Arctic conditions, we may be seeing this sooner rather than later.

Sorry, dull update tonight. Must be ill, still I've got Hornblower in bed to look forward to - wahay!

keralan fish curry - nigella lawson, Delicious, February 2009, p83

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