Friday, 20 January 2012

bill granger's dhal with tamarind and lime

Whilst I am learning heaps in our Friday tasting sessions at work, if there is a downside - other than impending gout - it's the fact I really cannot be cracked to cook anything by the time I've managed to get home. Still less so when faced with the uninspiring vision that is an empty pre-shopping fridge. Yeo Valley fruit tubes and slightly wilted salad for dinner anybody?

However cometh the hour, cometh the man as not only is Bill Granger's delish dhal still fresh in our mind, it's also made almost entirely from pantry staples and satisfies our curry cravings. Yes, we have a pantry now, is that so wrong?

Look - there's even a cheeky bed of slightly-wilted salad! God I'm a genius, now all I need to do is sober up.

dhal with tamarind and lime - bill granger, Delicious 2008, p67

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