Monday, 16 January 2012

tom norrington-davies' chicken noodle soup with mint and lemon

Oooh it's brisk today but we're totally exercising to the MAX! Despite having a steenky cold, Ana manages to power through Bikini Blitzing this morning, and I've just scoured my lungs out on running home on a freezing night (personal best folks) - fitness, YEAH!

In between high-five-ing in the kitchen, and micro-focusing in the lounge (and reading Zest) we're both in the need of something hellishly warming, fiendishly hearty but still delivering a health kick. We started out making Hugh's amazingly brilliant parsnip and lentil salad, until we realise we've got no Parmesan, so Tom Norrington-Davies' experimental chicken noodle soup with mint and lemon it is. Apart from we've got no mint.

Now initially I didn't think this was much cop. Just before it was ready it felt a bit, well thin - and that's despite the honey, chinese cooking wine and soy sauce, five minutes later however - completely different. It's lemony, there's a salty undertone from the soy sauce, and the poached chicken and noodles give it some extra body.

In hindsight it's an excellent base; you could probably throw in some sliced ginger, maybe some spinach, star anise etc to give it some proper welly. Alternatively you could keep it light and elegant (with the addition of mint).

Chest bumps, anybody?

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