Sunday, 22 January 2012

nasi goreng with fried egg

Having been to see my family and some friends back home today, tonight we have culinary trip down memory lane. Well for me at least as nasi goreng is one of those dishes I remember my dad cooking loads when me and my brother were growing up.

He used to claim it was a recipe he learned whilst he was in the Army, but he's since admitted whilst that's where he first encountered it, he mainly made it up from packet mixes when were kids. Illusions shattered. Still, they were amazing and memorable Saturday-night dinners that have stuck in my memory.

Having spotted this version in the latest version of Waitrose Kitchen, featuring zero packet mix, galvanises me to try and recreate some of my youth for Milo, with the added benefit of containing his current ingredient du jour, Prawns. Loads of prawns, and in a nod to my dad, I also add some chicken:

I think it's probably an amazingly versatile recipe. I remember my dad's version was much more tangy and spicy (probably not so good for him yet), and had bacon and celery in as well a sort of omlette accompaniment. So scope for change, which is just as well as it's totally wolfed down by all and sundry.

nasi goreng with fried egg - Waitrose Kitchen - January 2012, p86

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