Tuesday, 10 January 2012

mediterranean halloumi salad

For the first time since I became I wine merchant, today I finally experienced the old school tie/ crusty old major culture associated with the industry, and it was amazing!

I spent most of the day in the library of The Traveller's Club on Pall Mall, tasting 115 Burgundies from apparently one of the best vintage for years. Obviously I couldn't tell whether it is a great vintage yet, but the surroundings and the very old bufferishness of it all was just brilliant.

The downside of all this tasting is that my teeth haven't yet hardened yet to drinking that much white wine, nice though it was, and the rest of the day is spent in agony. An agony only relieved by eating a fairly stodgy, but mercifully citrus-free salad this evening:

Whilst I'm in a compare and contrast mood, I don't think Sainsbury's roasted red peppers in sunflower oil are a patch on Waitrose's mixed peppers in sunflower sauce. For some reason the sauce was really over powering, which suggests we may have to do some tactical shopping where anti-pasti is concerned. Because we're middle-class wankers of course.

mediterranean halloumi salad - Delicious, June 2010, p24

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  1. I can confirm that trying to force oneself away from my beloved Waitrose into the limey green, dimly lit Lidl (they don't even have baskets) is worse than giving up fags. Given the absence of a Waitrose cessation aid I vow to continue my habit. A very middle class dilemma I agree.